Sebastian Henning
Sworn Translator in Berlin (Spanish-German / English-German)

1. Certified Translations

I carry out certified translations of documents from Germany (German-Spanish / German-English), e.g.:

2. Apostilles for Documents from Germany

Apostilles are issued only for countries in which the Hague Apostille Convention is valid in relation to Germany.

A consular legalisation is issued – instead of the apostille – by the consulates of those countries for which the Hague Apostille Convention is not valid in relation to Germany. In these cases, you will be required a previous authentication carried out by the competent body of the corresponding German federal state (and an additional final authentication, issued by the Federal Office for Foreign Affairs for certain countries).

The verification of documents for German authorities can be carried out by German consulates, if consular legalisation has been suspended in a country. – Country list (verification) of the German Foreign Ministry

Apostilles for Documents issued by Federal Authorities:

Competent body: Federal Office for Foreign Affairs (BfAA) – e.g. apostille for the Führungszeugnis (Criminal Record Certificate)

Apostilles for Documents issued by Authorities of individual Federal States

Competence is dependant on the type of document and the place of issuance. I do not assume any responsibility for the information.

  • Baden-Württemberg
    Competent bodies: Regierungspräsidien, Kultusministerium, Wissenschaftsministerium, Landgerichte
  • Bavaria
    Competent bodies: Regierungen der Regierungsbezirke, Landgerichte
  • Berlin
    Competent bodies: LABO, Landgericht Berlin
  • Brandenburg
    Competent bodies: Auslandsbeglaubigungsstelle der Landeshauptstadt Potsdam, Landgerichte
  • Bremen
    Competent bodies: Behörde für Inneres, Landgericht Bremen
  • Hamburg
    Competent bodies: Behörde für Inneres, Landgericht Hamburg
  • Hesse
    Competent bodies: Regierungspräsidien, Landgerichte
  • Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
    Competent bodies: Ministerium für Inneres und Europa, Landgerichte
  • Lower Saxony
    Competent bodies: Polizeidirektionen, Landgerichte
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
    Competent bodies: Bezirksregierungen, Landgerichte
  • Rhineland-Palatinate
    Competent bodies: Aufsichts- und Dienstleistungsdirektion Kaiserslautern, Landgerichte
  • Saarland
    Competent bodies: Landesverwaltungsamt St. Ingbert, Landgericht Saarbrücken
  • Saxony
    Competent bodies: Landesdirektion Sachsen, Landgerichte
  • Saxony-Anhalt
    Competent bodies: Landesverwaltungsamt Magdeburg, Landgerichte
  • Schleswig-Holstein
    Competent bodies: Innenministerium, Landgerichte
  • Thuringia
    Competent bodies: Landesverwaltungsamt Weimar, Landgerichte

3. Embassies and Consulates

Information on consular districts for individual countries can be found in the country list.

4. Links of Interest