Sebastian Henning
Sworn Translator in Berlin (Spanish-German / English-German)

Certified Translation of Documents for your Family

As a sworn translator for the language combinations Spanish-German and English-German, appointed by the Regional Court of Berlin, I carry out certified translations of documents related to your family: Spanish-German, German-Spanish or English-German, German-English. This includes, for instance, the documents listed below which pertain to the areas of marriage and child law, law of names and law of inheritance.

Marriage Law:

Child Law:

  • Birth Certificates (Geburtsurkunde)
  • Custody Declarations (Sorgeerklärung)
  • Negative Joint-Custody Certificates of the Jugendamt (Negativbescheinigung)
  • Acknowledgements of Paternity (Vaterschaftsanerkennung)
  • Consent Letters for Children Travelling Abroad
  • Documents for Child Maintenance

Law of Names:

  • Notices of Name Change in accordance with Art. 46 PStV
  • Certificates of Change of First or Last Names
  • Decrees Changing Name
  • Statutory Declarations of Change of Name
  • Deed Polls

Law of Inheritance:

  • Death Certificates (Sterbeurkunde)
  • Extracts from the Register of Deaths
  • Certificates of Inheritance (Erbschein)
  • Wills
  • Letters of Executorship
  • Contracts

In addition, I translate documents regarding legal guardianship law as well as school certificates and school reports for your children.

Apostilles for your Family Documents

Please note: For the international recognition of your documents and their certified translation, you might require in addition an apostille (Apostille); or the authentication (Vorbeglaubigung) and, afterwards, the consular legalisation. In Berlin, the apostilles for my translations are issued by the Regional Court of Berlin. Please ask the respective authority in the country where you are required to submit your certified translation beforehand as to whether you need to provide the apostille or not. I would be pleased to obtain the latter on your behalf for my translations carried out in Berlin.

Ask for a free quote for the certified translation of your documents via email or by completing the contact form. Please send me your scanned document and I will reply to you as soon as possible.