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My fees and turnaround times depend on the quantity, level of difficulty and work involved, as well as on my availability at the time of the inquiry. Therefore, in order to provide you promptly with concrete information on the fee and the turnaround time for a translation, I kindly ask you to send me the document to be translated in digital form.

Please scan your complete document, including potential stamp marks on the back, apostilles, receipts attached, etc. Please ensure that the documents are scanned in a high quality format. (If there is no other choice, you may also send a good photograph.) It is important that the document is legible, because every certified translation includes a copy of your original document.

Transmit your scanned document using the form below (file formats PDF or JPEG). All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Your data help adapt your translation as far as possible to the requirements of the authority where you need to submit it.

Your data collected in the form will be processed for the purpose of responding to your inquiry in accordance with the legal provisions. You will find further information in the data protection policy. Alternatively, you may contact me via email:

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