Sebastian Henning
Sworn Translator in Berlin (Spanish-German / English-German)

Translator for Spanish, English and German in Berlin

Certified Translations (Spanish-German / English-German)

Do you need a certified translation of your official certificates and documents for the language combinations Spanish-German or English-German? Then simply request a quote and specify your desired turnaround time. Please send me a complete scan or a good photograph of the document!

Holding a Graduate Degree in Translation awarded by Humboldt University of Berlin, I offer high quality services at a fair price. I am a sworn translator (oficially: ‘authorised translator’) by the Regional Court of Berlin for Spanish and English, with many years of experience in translating official documents. Translations provided with my signature and official seal are officially recognised in Berlin and all over Germany, in many cases also abroad.

Below you can find some examples of the documents I translate:

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Sebastian Henning
Sworn Translator in Berlin (Spanish / English)
Graduate Translator (Humboldt University of Berlin)