Sebastian Henning
Sworn Translator in Berlin (Spanish-German / English-German)

Certified Translation of Birth Certificates

As a sworn translator for the language combinations Spanish-German and English-German, I carry out certified translations of birth certificates (Geburtsurkunden): Spanish-German, German-Spanish or English-German, German-English).

In Germany, you may be asked for a certified translation of a Geburtsurkunde for instance by the registry office (Standesamt) when you make your application for marriage (Anmeldung der Eheschließung), or when you wish to have your foreign marriage recognised, or when you make a declaration of birth (Geburtsanzeige) for a newly-born child. The citizenship office (Staatsangehörigkeitsbehörde) will ask you for a certified translation of your birth certificate for the process of naturalisation (Einbürgerungsverfahren). A certified translation of a birth certificate may also be required by other institutions, such as the immigration authority (Ausländerbehörde), or when you wish to register your children for school.

Birth certificates (Geburtsurkunde) and certified or attested copies of an entry of birth (beglaubigte Abschrift des Geburtseintrags) are issued from the register of birth (Geburtenregister) at the place of birth. In some countries, e.g. Nigeria, such registers have not existed for long, and people are required to make a Declaration of Age (eidesstattliche Versicherung über das Alter) before a notary public or other authorities.

Translation of Birth Certificates English-German / German-English

There are many different terms for the documents required by German authorities (Geburtsurkunde or beglaubigte Abschrift aus dem Geburtenregister) in English-speaking countries:

  • Birth Certificate (e.g. Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Uganda)
  • Birth Registration Certificate (Pakistan)
  • Certificate of Birth (e.g. Canada, India, Kenia, Nigeria, Tansania, UK, United States)
  • Certificate of Birth Registration (United States)
  • Certificate of Live Birth (United States)
  • Certification of Birth (United States)
  • Certified Copy of Birth Record (United States)
  • Certified Copy of an Entry of Birth (e.g. Ghana, UK)
  • Extract of an Entry in a Register of Births (UK)
  • Record of Birth (United States)
  • Registration of Birth / Statutory Declaration of Age / National Birth Certificate / Certificate of Registration of Birth (Nigeria)
  • Statement of Live Birth (Canada)
  • Unabridged Birth Certificate / Full Birth Certificate (South Africa).

Apostilles for Birth Certificates

Please note: For the international recognition of a birth certificate and its certified translation into Spanish or English, you might require in addition an apostille (Apostille); or the authentication (Vorbeglaubigung) and, afterwards, the consular legalisation. In Berlin, the apostilles for my translations are issued by the Regional Court of Berlin and those for birth certificates provided by Berlin authorities are issued by LABO. Please ask the respective authority in the country where you are required to submit your certified translation beforehand as to whether you need to provide the apostille or not. I would be pleased to obtain the latter on your behalf for my translations carried out in Berlin.

Ask for a free quote for the certified translation of your birth certificate via email or by completing the contact form. Please send me your scanned document and I will reply to you as soon as possible.